Investing in the health of rodeo animal athletes benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of our supporters. 

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Allen Girard

Andrea Moore

Anita Smith

Ann Bleiker

Annie Valades

Beth Saunders

Cindy Schonholtz

Connie Vinti

Dave and Lisa Smith

David Hertz

DD DeLeo

Deborah Mier

Dick Vetters

Erin Oliver

Gary & Danna Bohall 

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Genna Mettler

Gerald Gapinski

Holly King

Holly King

Jenny Adams

Jesse Yeo

Johnny Zamrzla

Julie Jutten 

Karen McDonald

Kathi Myers

Keith Brownell

Kevin Smith

Kristie Volpe

Lori OHarver

Maggie and Jim Zinzer

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Mandy Linquist

Mike & Lori Orman

Mike Dolan

Patricia Bohannon

Penny Conway

Priscilla Riggs

Randy and Shannon Ernst

Ricky Hayes

Sarah and Tim Neely

Steve Kenyon

Traci McClain

United States Cowboy

Gordon Whitener, Sam Dunn and David Sharp 

Will Bernhardt

William Haunsperger

Zach Wells

“For it is in giving that we receive.” 

Francis of Assisi


An initiative of St. Paul Rodeo Foundation to help provide financial resources for the care of rodeo livestock. 


Phone: Cindy Schonholtz | 719-440-7255

             Julie Jutten | 719-337-1471

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